Floor Cleaning

Your Local Floor Cleaning Service

Welcome to your local tile floor cleaning specialist in Gold Coast. Our high-powered truck mount floor cleaning machine is the industry’s strongest in it class. Servicing Gold Coast for commercial and domestic premises. The perfect way to get a brand-new look within your property. Clean and restore your tile grout floors.


  1. Awesome pressure to blast clean
  2. Amazing heat to melt oily soiled areas
  3. The right solution to help with breakdown soiling
  4. No mess technology, just dry-cleaned tile floors

Floor, Tile and Grout cleaning. Dirt and grime can easily become trapped between your tile floors and can seem almost impossible to remove. Using high pressure, heat and recapture technology we can blast your floors free of all these impurities and restore them to their original form. This new advanced cleaning process cleans interior tile floors and restores them to their original look. This machine can also clean exterior hard floors like concrete tiles pavers. We promise to leave your premises vibrant and super clean, appealing for your home or clientele.

We have invested a great deal of money into quality equipment ranging from a high-powered truck mount floor steam cleaning machine first class for performance. If you are searching for a floor cleaner with realistic pricing that is qualified and insured, we offer a guaranteed result every time.

Please call us, your local professional Gold Coast tile and floor cleaning company, as we are here to help.

What to expect from Crikey Cleaner Gold Coast Professional Floor & Tile Cleaning Service.

  • Arrive on time
  • Trained technician
  • Pre-Inspection
  • Receipt upon completion
  • Tile floors cleaned to the highest possible standard
  • Service with a smile
  • 5 Star Truck Mount Tile and Floor Cleaning service
  • Great Value for Money